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The Original 8 Hour Renewal Session Since 1994

Since 1994 Ohio Certificate Renewal has offered complete, one day, 8 hour trade related continuing education programs. Over 9000 people have taken advantage of these programs, which meet all the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (O.C.I.L.B.) requirements for HV, RE, HY, or PL License Renewal. We also offer hours needed for the Electrical License Holder and Inspector as continuing education. These 8-hour programs are designed specifically to fulfill the O.C.I.L.B. and O.B.B.S. requirements for each of the five trades.

As the premier training agency in the State of Ohio we understand the need for professional and timely completion of these required hours. Working with the O.C.I.L.B., we have designed a complete, one-day training session that fulfills your 8-hour requirements, including multiple certificate holders.

Specialized instruction, professional conference setting, lunch, and a certificate in your hand, are just a few of the reasons contractors and inspectors rely on Ohio Certificate Renewal for their continuing education.

Ohio Certificate Renewal has developed working relationships with both the Ohio Board of Building Standards and the O.C.I.L.B.. We are also an International Code Council Preferred Provider.

In early 2019, we launched our webinars to provide our same quality education in a virtual setting. Our Webinars are fully accredited for a full 8 or 4 hour segment, just like an in-person class. Attendees enjoy our instructor-led course via video conference, with time for questions and answers from the comfort and convenience of their home or office.

If you have any questions about the services that Ohio Certificate Renewal provides please contact our office at (614) 451-9003.

Thank you,

Harold L. Plant

Ohio Certificate Renewal