Ohio Mechanical Code Resources

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Robert J. Schutz email: rjschutz@ohiocertificate.com

Upcoming 2024 code changes. See the update.

Ohio Existing Building Codes has many items that apply to mechanical equipment. (view basic free)

Ohio e-Codes direct link
(view basic free)

International Code Council. https://www.iccsafe.org/

mobile-friendly Code reference online (free basic viewing) https://up.codes/codes/ohio

For information on inspections and code decisions contact the Board of Building Standards at (614) 644-2613

Board of Building Standards website

Longest Length Method Gas Pipe Sizing Example
(IRC 2015) https://codes.iccsafe.org/s/IRC2015/chapter-24-fuel-gas/IRC2015-Pt06-Ch24-SecG2413.4.1

Appendix A

Code reference for 403.3.1 Outdoor airflow rate

Heating Degree Days Reference

Distance to combustible materials. 5/8 Gypsum board is now allowed to achieve a space to combustibles. Fire Rated C board is 1/2″ may also be used. See National Gypsum Association resources.

4101:1-3-01. Ohio Use and occupancy classification

U.S. EPA Refrigerant sales restriction

Bonus material:
Residential Code Overview Video with Robert J. Schutz
(1 hr. and 48 min.)

Video: Top Residential Mechanical Code Violations for 2022

Minimum Ventilation in enclosed parking garages code reference

Battery Room Ventilation Code Requirements – manufacturer resource

Press Connect for Fuel Gas Piping

Dan Sabetta from Viega reviewed proper installation of MegaPressG fittings for Gas Piping.  Update on Ohio codes and standards with regards to press fittings on gas piping. Watch the Video(27 minutes).

Dan Sabetta


Technical Manager – Great Lakes Region
Viega LLC
Cell (330) 212-7008

Viega YouTube Channel is a great resource for videos: Viega LLC – YouTube

Ultraviolet Lamps for Indoor Air Quality

School Ventilation: A Vital Tool to Reduce COVID-19 Spread white paper (46 page PDF)

FDA guidance on UV Lights and Lamps: Ultraviolet-C Radiation, Disinfection, and Coronavirus

Blog post example communicating the benefits of UV coil sanitizing in HVAC systems

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Slides for Reference

Air Diffusion Council

Address:1901 N. Roselle Rd. Suite 800, Schaumburg, Illinois 60195